A New Shifter Origins Novel is Coming Soon!

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October 18, 2017
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A New Shifter Origins Novel is Coming Soon!

A deadly curse to break.
An invading pack.
Will their love be strong enough to overcome it all? 


Are you ready to meet Astrid and Erec in The Curse? Their Shifter Origin story is coming soon! Get ready!

Coming February 2018 to Entangled Publishing

Creating the World

If you’ve read the first book in the Shifter Origins Series, The Hunt, you’ll be leaving the sunny city of Sajra for the icy, snow-covered forest of the wolf-shifter territories in The Curse. While writing this book, I pulled in inspiration from ancient Nordic and Scandinavian cultures. Vikings were a big part of the characters’ fighting style, weapons, and dressings. There is also an importance put on astronomy and the spiritual. Both are not only crucial to the wolves’ origin story, but to Astrid and Erec’s journey to survive the Blue Moon curse and beat a murderous wolf from destroying their home.

The wolf-shifter world is separated into territories. Every pack owns a piece of the land, and the pack/area is either named after the alpha or the location of the pack. For example, a majority of the story takes place in Boden’s pack. Boden the Warrior is the alpha. His pack is also known as the west-side pack because they own territory to the west of the forest, all long the river to the waterfall. Just like with book one (The Hunt) The Curse will also come with a map for readers to reference while reading!

Catch Up on the Series Before the New Release!

A Shifter Origins Novel
by Harper A. Brooks

Prince Kael has just lost his father to an assassin, and he’s the next target. A murderer is on the loose, the kingdom is in disarray, and Kael is determined to make the person responsible for killing his father pay. But falling for the beautiful Cara, panther-shifter and main suspect in his father’s murder, wasn’t part of the plan. He’s not at all sure she did it, and he finds himself going against everything he’s ever known just to claim her.

The ceremonial Hunt is approaching, and mates must be chosen to run together. The hatred between the tiger and panther species is all they know. If Kael and Cara follow their hearts, it could mean treason and death.

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InD’tale RONE Awards 2017

Guess what?! Remember that literary award The Hunt was nominated for at the beginning of the year? Well… it won! Unbelievable! I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself. The Hunt won for best paranormal romance (shorter-length) by InD’Tale Magazine for 2017.

Since my book was a finalist, I was invited to InD’Tale’s big author convention and signing in California in October. I didn’t go for two reasons: my mother was getting surgery that day to remove the sarcoma cancer from her leg and because I honestly didn’t think I was going to win.

A few days later, I went on Twitter and noticed I had sixteen notifications. I’m never that popular on Twitter. Then I realized there were all likes and retweets saying The Hunt had won! They had announced it at the convention I had missed. I was so shocked, I cried. Everything thought I was losing my mind. Took me by complete surprise.

Now I’m just waiting for my heavy trophy to come in the mail! You better believe I’ll be taking a picture with it once I get it! It may even on my a shelf with a spotlight!








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