December 16, 2013

Fun Week Planned

Okay, everyone. Things have calmed down since all the blog hops. With Christmas approaching, my head is all jumbled with holiday cheer–buying and wrapping gifts, songs, food, decorating. Woah! Writing has become a big challenged. However, this week, I have some interesting things to share with you all. I’m hosting two authors and their books! So, if you are looking for something new to read, stop in and check them out! Also, I am trying to keep up with all these areas of social media. I still don’t have a twitter (I know, I know), but I finally made my […]
November 26, 2013

Side Step: Catching Fire Movie vs Book

Okay, who has seen Catching Fire (Sequel to The Hunger Games)? I saw it over the weekend, and I need to talk about it. I read the series and loved it. I even watched Catching Fire in an Imax theater too, just to heighten the intensity. There was big hype about this movie. It was said that this was the best book-to-film adaptation ever made, so I was excited. Overly excited. Without releasing any spoilers, readers can agree with me that it is disappointing to find information and scenes in movies, but a movie can’t cover everything in a book. It […]
November 12, 2013

Home for the Holidays Hop!

WELCOME TO MY STOP ON THE HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS HOP! The holidays are fast approaching and that means it is time to break out the fat pants! All those yummy fattening foods, dinners, drinks, and desserts. Yum! For this blog hop, I want to give you all a special recipe to add to your dessert table. It is a cookie recipe my aunt used to make every Thanksgiving, and these cookies were/still are my favorite! When I made them for the first time, I had people begging me to make more. The cookies make great gifts for Christmas too. Just put them in a decorated […]
October 28, 2013

Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY MY BLOG ON THE HOT HALLOWEEN HEROES GIVEAWAY HOP This blog hop is all about those hunky heroes we love to read about! Mix the sexy with the paranormal and you have a character that can make your toes curl! In my debut paranormal and historical romance, His Haven, the main male is named Avrum Brenin, a recently turned vampire. It is 1850, so imagine a handsome man, strong and muscular from his human life as a farmer and stable hand, with fangs, a conscience, a sexy English accent, and Mr. Darcy’s impeccable manners. Are you drooling yet? […]